Video conferencing for ticketed events
Speakeasy presents a solution for virtual events
Digital events from Speakeasy
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Ready to start making money off your digital events?

Speakeasy makes running digital events easy


Running digital events is hard.

Speakeasy lets you focus on your craft

1. Design your event

Our team will set up your custom, branded landing page.

2. Tell your fans

Share to your business page, social media channels, or mailing list.

3. Deliver your event

We'll handle payments, emails and video software — simply show up at your scheduled start time and do what you do best.

4. Make money

We'll send your earnings on the day of your event, deducting our fee — you pay unless your event has made money.

Affordable Pricing

No lock-in, and 100% stress-free. Our super simple plans are based on a “Per guest hour basis”, so the more people you invite, the more less you pay for Speakeasy. 

Pay nothing until you earn something.

We deduct our fees from your payout — pay nothing for our software until you earn revenue.



/per guest hour

Up to 99 guests per month



/per guest hour

Up to 499 guests per month



/per guest hour

More than 500 users per month

Who is Speakeasy?

We’re a team of travel and tech entrepreneurs who were frustrated by video software being built exclusively for the boardroom. Our team includes:

Jennifer Fein


With experience building and launching digital products in China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand, Jen has a global perspective on digital product development and delivery. Jen is also the founder of YouLiveToTravel.

Kerry Tate


Kerry brings over 15 years sales, marketing and product management experience with some of tourisms most iconic global brands, including roles across Australia, New Zealand as well as the EMEA and APAC regions.

Issac Trotts


Issac brings with him a wealth of experience, including tenures at MIT, NASA and Google. Issac heads up the technical development of the Speakeasy platform and is heads up the "California Office" (the rest of the team is Melbourne-based).

John O'Sullivan


John is travel entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience building and maintaining brands. After giving tours in 30+ countries, John settled in Melbourne where he built Depot Adventures, one of Australia's largest accredited walking tour operators.